How to get pregnant again in six months, and the new technology for the future

An article about pregnancy, technology and women that will make you want to, a joint venture between News Corp and Fairfax Media, is rolling out its new baby boomers coverage on News Corp’s mobile app.Users can browse the new app and read the news and information, or listen to podcasts and chat.News Corp has […]

A Trump administration that’s all about “America first”

It’s been a week of surprises.President Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily banning refugees and residents from seven majority-Muslim countries was temporarily blocked by the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Judicial Court is now considering a challenge to the president’s order.While the two sides are trying to work out a settlement, it seems as though the […]

Trump administration will move to ban US-built drones from using UK airspace

By Andrew Seidel and Ryan ParkerPublished March 13, 2020 12:20:22President Donald Trump’s new administration is planning to announce a ban on US-produced drones using British airspace, a move that could complicate the United Kingdom’s longstanding and complicated relationship with the US.The decision, first reported by the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, comes as Trump and […]

Ricebran Technologies is on the hunt for a buyer

Ricebrans are one of the biggest players in the new food processing market, with their high-performance technologies helping to turn out some of the best burgers around.The company is also in talks to buy up to three other companies, sources told Reuters.┬áThe Chinese company has also been trying to buy one of its competitors in […]