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Ricebran Technologies is on the hunt for a buyer

Ricebrans are one of the biggest players in the new food processing market, with their high-performance technologies helping to turn out some of the best burgers around.

The company is also in talks to buy up to three other companies, sources told Reuters. 

The Chinese company has also been trying to buy one of its competitors in the food processing space. 

In an interview with Bloomberg, Ricebrans founder, Zhang Yeqin, said the company was “in a very tight spot” due to competition from Chinese competitors and was “looking for a solution to our problem”. 

The company has been building up a strong presence in China in recent years, acquiring companies in the ricebrans industry. 

“Rice bran is a key part of our business.

We are in the forefront of rice bran, but we need to develop further,” Zhang said.

“In order to become a leader in this industry, we have to develop the right technologies and products to support this industry.” 

The new owner of Ricebrains has not yet commented on the acquisition. 

RICEBRAN TECHNOLOGY’S MOST RECENT TECHNOLOGIES The company was founded in 1999, when Zhang was in high school.

The ricebranes technology has become increasingly relevant in the world of food production, where it has helped turn out high-quality, fresh and healthy meals.

It has also led to a huge rise in the price of ricebrains, making them a popular item in supermarkets and restaurants. 

Its new technology can also be used to produce rice cakes, pasta, rice noodles and other types of food, such as burgers. 

This has helped to make ricebranch a household name, and is now one of China’s most successful companies. 

According to Bloomberg, the Chinese company has been building a huge presence in the Chinese food processing industry.

The company has sold a total of 636 million ricebrands and rice processing equipment in China, according to its latest earnings report. 

It has been investing $20 million in its new facility in Wuhan, where the company is currently building the new facility. 

More: A Reuters investigation has found the company has received $2.1 billion in government support since 2009, the majority of which has been earmarked for a new plant to produce the rice products it sells to food companies.

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