Trump administration will move to ban US-built drones from using UK airspace

By Andrew Seidel and Ryan ParkerPublished March 13, 2020 12:20:22President Donald Trump’s new administration is planning to announce a ban on US-produced drones using British airspace, a move that could complicate the United Kingdom’s longstanding and complicated relationship with the US.

The decision, first reported by the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, comes as Trump and Prime Minister Boris Johnson are seeking to renegotiate the country’s relationship with Washington, which has seen the country suffer economic losses from the global trade war.

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Thursday.

Trump, who took office in January, has been at odds with Britain since his election victory.

The president has promised to “take back our country” from the European Union, which the UK joined in 1973 and which Britain has accused of meddling in its domestic affairs.

“It is my intention to move forward with a bilateral relationship with Great Britain, which is not only the most stable and prosperous in Europe, but also the most welcoming, the most open and open-minded,” Trump said in an April 30 speech in London.

Britain has long complained about its role in the U.S.-led NATO alliance, which includes Britain, and with other Western countries, especially in its relationship with China, which it considers an enemy.

The British government said Thursday that it would not be taking a position on whether it could use its airspace.

“The government does not have a position and we do not comment on bilateral discussions,” a spokeswoman said.

British Foreign Minister Boris Stubbins said Thursday he believed the U:S.

move was “unnecessary and unhelpful.”

“The U.K. is an integral part of our European Union and has a great role to play,” Stubbings said.

“It’s very important for the U,S.

to move on from this issue and to see that it is not harmful to our relationship.”

Stubbings also criticized Trump’s “inherently problematic” approach to trade.

The U:s decision to ban British drones from the U.:s skies comes as the Trump administration seeks to renegotiated the countrys relationship with Britain.

The move comes as Britain and other Western nations, including the U., have suffered economic losses in the global market war, as the U-2 spy plane, the Eurofighter Typhoon and other unmanned aerial vehicles have been used by U.N. peacekeepers to monitor and defend the peacekeeping missions.

British Prime Minister David Cameron said Thursday in an interview with The Guardian that the move was not a “big surprise” but that it was important to see what the White House would be up to.

“I’m confident that the president will see that there are a range of issues around the world that he wants to look at.

It’s not just one-off issues.

I think there are issues around migration, it’s about the impact of climate change and other issues,” Cameron said.

Johnson has sought to position Britain as a bridge to Europe, arguing that it should be part of the EU.

Britain is already a member of the European Economic Area, which allows it to access the single market and free trade.

But it is also a member to the Schengen area of open borders and passport-free travel across the continent, which was designed to protect its citizens from terrorism and illegal immigration.

Britain also has a bilateral trade agreement with the EU, and has access to its market and customs service, but that agreement does not include the free-trade agreement with Trump’s United States.

Britain’s relationship also comes at a time when Britain has been under pressure to do more to ease tensions with Washington.

Last week, the country suspended its military drills, with Trump saying Britain had done nothing to help ease tensions.

The Trump administration has repeatedly said it is looking to renegotiating the relationship with Europe and has called for Britain to be a part of a U.G. bloc to be more inclusive and to be less reliant on U.H.S. allies.

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