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Which is better: The latest video codecs or codecs with embedded audio?

The video-codecs world has gone crazy over a new video-encoding standard called MPEG-4 AVC, and now it looks like the technology has hit a snag.

Google announced on Thursday that the standard has been dropped, along with a handful of other standards.

The reason is that, by the standards standards we use, it’s not going to work.

What happens next?

A codec that was expected to be a major hit on Android phones, for example, is now in the process of being rolled out to more phones and devices.

And so, this means Google is effectively giving up on its ambitious vision for codecs.

Google has been working on the codec for years, but it was always a project that had its own quirks.

But now, that’s all changed, and the new codec is a disaster for the audio ecosystem.

The video codec is an important part of any modern video-streaming solution, and it’s important for the way people consume videos.

The technology has long been used by streaming services to stream video from one service to another, and while it can be used to stream the same content over a number of different networks, it also offers the ability to stream more than one stream simultaneously.

But it’s also been a bit of a mixed bag.

While the codecs used to be very popular with streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu, Google decided to drop them from the standard after being forced to stop supporting them in 2018.

The main reason is the lack of support for MPEG-2 video-processing, which is required for streaming video on mobile devices.

MPEG-1, the original video codec, was the main codec used in those services.

But that codec is still supported by Google for streaming on Android and iPhones, and its successor, MPEG-3, was also introduced in 2018, but now Google has stopped supporting it.

MPEG-4, on the other hand, is the newer version of the codec that is used by Google’s Chromecast, and is more widely used for video on YouTube and other platforms.

Now that Google has dropped the codec, it is essentially killing off the only major video-player on Android, and that’s a big blow to Android.

Google’s decision to drop the codec will have a big impact on the way streaming video is delivered, as it could mean that consumers will have to spend more time and effort to find and install new apps and add new codecs to their devices.

Google says it will support existing codecs on Android for a while, but only for streaming of video.

The company said that it will continue to support older codecs like MPEG-7 for audio and for decoding video.

It also plans to support other codecs for streaming audio and video in the future.

And then there’s Google’s new video codec called VP9, which has been touted as a future replacement for MPEG1, but Google has said that Google won’t support the technology.

VP9 is a proprietary codec that has been designed to improve video quality on Android devices.

Google says that the video codec won’t be supported on newer Android devices until at least 2020, but the company has not said how long that will take.

VP10, which Google says is now supported on the latest Android devices, will likely be supported in 2020.

VP11, which will probably be supported for the next year or two, will probably not be supported until 2021.

As far as Google is concerned, there’s no reason why VP9 and VP11 won’t continue to be supported even after Google stops supporting them.

It doesn’t make any sense for Google to stop support of these codecs just because it’s time for them to be dropped.

So, what’s next?

Google’s VP9 codec is one of the more prominent codecs in the video-content world.

VP8 is still used on many Android devices and is used to play video on Google’s YouTube channel.

VP6 is also used by many YouTube channels, and VP7 and VP8 are used by Netflix and Hulu.

The video codec for Chrome OS, the operating system on which Android is built, is called VP8, and most people who have been using Android for several years will have at least heard of VP8.

VP9 is the new video standard Google’s working on.

Google doesn’t have a specific date for when VP9 will be supported.

It will probably make it on to a few devices as soon as 2021.

But even if it doesn’t, it will likely make it through the 2020s.

When Google decided it would no longer support VP9 after 2018, it didn’t stop supporting other codec technologies.

Instead, Google dropped the “next-generation” video codec known as MPEG-8, which was first announced in 2020 and is the successor to VP9.

MPEG4 is also supported by many Android phones and tablets, and

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