How to use the new Apple TV app to stream live TV and listen to music on the go

TechCrunch article How to get the Apple TV to play your music on your Apple TV and stream your local and national TV content online, without having to leave your home.

TechCrunch/FacebookApple has a new app for its new TV streaming device called Apple TV, and the new TV app for iPhone and iPad is here.

The app, available on iOS devices and Android, will be compatible with Apple’s new Apple Remote control, which includes Siri and a new music player called Beats Music.

Here’s how you can get it:How to set up the AppleTV on your iPhone or iPadHere’s what to do to get Apple TV running on your device.1.

Launch the Apple Remote app, which will start a live stream.

This will give you a live feed of your local TV station or local channels.2.

Once you’re in the app, tap the play button to start playing your local station.3.

Select the Beats Music app from the menu on the left, then tap the “Play” button to play.4.

You can also control the Apple remote from the app by tapping the Apple icon in the upper right corner.5.

From there, you can stream music, podcasts, news, or other content to your AppleTV.6.

If you need to adjust the volume or skip to a specific station, tap on that station to adjust it.7.

You’ll also find Apple TV’s “music player” button, which you can use to play the Beats music app.8.

Finally, you’ll find a menu button on the top of the screen, which allows you to select what Apple TV apps you want to access from the home screen.9.

To check whether your Apple device is connected to your TV, tap it on the TV’s remote.10.

Once Apple TV is connected, you’re ready to start using the new app.