Space technology news from MTV News: “Newly-minted astronaut John Glenn: ‘I’ll be back'”

With the International Space Station still orbiting Earth and astronauts aboard, NASA’s astronaut John “Buzz” Glenn is one of the most sought-after people on the planet.

But the 67-year-old astronaut has been battling cancer for years.

The veteran spaceflight veteran had an aggressive and aggressive form of the cancer, according to the NASA website.

Glenn’s condition has been in remission for more than a year and he was on the flight line when he suffered a brain bleed last week.

According to the medical staff at Johns Hopkins University, he had been undergoing a brain scan for the last two weeks, and it showed he has Stage 4 melanoma, a tumor that can develop in certain cells in the brain.

Glen was taken off the Space Station after the scan, and he and his family were flown back to the United States.

The medical staff then sent the Glenn family back to Washington, D.C., where Glenn and his wife Kelly were treated at a local hospital for their condition.

They have since been released, and the family is now in the care of family members in Ohio.