Why you need to learn to take photos again: New software from Sonim tech

By Jessica Khatib | September 28, 2018 | 10:12:31AMUpdated September 28th, 2018, 2:47:54Sonim Technology, a New York-based startup founded by three ex-Microsoft employees, has announced that it has developed an app that allows people to take pictures with their phones.

Sonim’s new photo-editing app is called PhotoPanda, and it was launched today at Microsoft’s Worldwide Developers Conference.

PhotoPania is a standalone app that can be used for any type of photo, from taking photos of your car to capturing a beautiful sunset in your backyard.

Photopanda is free to download and can be downloaded for Android and iOS.

You can read more about PhotoPahanabut here.

Sonim said that PhotoPanys technology is “an entirely new way of thinking about photography.”

“This is a revolutionary new way to think about photography that we’ve created in partnership with our Microsoft employees,” the company wrote in a blog post.

“Our goal with PhotoPanian is to make photos that can capture your imagination and inspire you.

That’s what we’re here to do.”

The company said that it was working with photographers from around the world to create the app.

It also said that “the app will be available to developers as soon as we have a working version of it ready for launch.”

Image: Sonim TechnologySonim Technologies said that its app will allow users to capture beautiful photos in an intuitive way.

“If you’re shooting on a tripod, it’s easy to use the camera’s front camera and the camera on the back of your phone.

If you’re using a tripod with a smartphone, it is as simple as holding the camera with one hand and taking a photo with the other,” the blog post said.

Sonicapanda is compatible with most smartphone cameras, including the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9, and the Samsung Galaxy A9.

It will work with the Galaxy Note 7 as well.

Soni is also working on an app for photographers, the company said.

The app is expected to launch in the next few months.

Sonima is a startup that has made its name developing apps that work with Microsoft’s Office suite.

The company also makes a line of software that allows users to take great photos.

The products are available for Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

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