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Exro Technologies to offer $30,000 to customers who file complaints about faulty chips

Exro Systems Inc., the makers of chip processors and digital signage software, will offer $50,000 for any person who files a complaint with the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

The company is expanding its online and offline enforcement programs, which began last month, to include the agency’s hotline.

“If you see your product in question, file a complaint, even if it’s a technical issue,” said Michael Roesler, president and chief executive officer of Exro.

“You can call us directly at 1-800-332-3436 and we’ll get back to you within a day.”

The company has been a leader in the digital signage business.

The chipsets it makes are used in signage and other electronic displays, such as car dashboards and tablets.

But the chipsets used in Exro’s processors are made by a company called Advanced Micro Devices Inc. of San Jose, California, and its chipmaker, TSMC Corp. The problems with the chips have made it difficult for consumers to get the best display out of the processor, so the company has invested in software to help fix problems.

Exro said in a news release that the program will run from Friday to Sept. 15 and is open to the public.

“The safety and security of our customers and our company is of paramount importance to us and we’re pleased to expand this program,” Roeslers said.

The agency will issue a formal complaint if it suspects a defective chip or if the product is being used to make other products, such like a cellphone or television.

It is not required to file a formal safety complaint with any state or local government, but many have.

Exros spokeswoman Mary Ann DeWitt said the program is intended to be a resource for consumers who want to report safety problems or complaints about defective products.

She said the company does not know how many people have filed safety complaints about Exro chips.

The companies said the safety program is being expanded to include other products in its products portfolio.

Exrobins software software is used in more than 100,000 devices and is used by more than 60,000 businesses.

The software has been used by companies such as Coca-Cola Co., Nike Inc. and Disney Co. The chipmaker said last month that it had closed a deal to buy Exro for about $1.7 billion.

Exobias processor and chipset are made in the United States, and Exrobios chip is sold in about a dozen countries.

The first generation of Exrobias processors, known as Exrob, were made by TSMC.

The second generation, which is now known as Embedded Systems, was made by Exro and TSMC, according to the company.

The new chipsets are expected to be available later this year.

“It’s a great opportunity for Exro,” said David Mott, a senior vice president of consumer products at Exro, based in South Carolina.

“We’ve been a strong player in the chip business for decades and it’s great to have Exro stepping up.”

The agency said the complaint process will be free and open to anyone who wants to file.

“Our complaint process is open and transparent,” said Catherine Luskin, a spokeswoman for the agency.

“Any person who reports a product defect, whether it’s software or hardware, should be able to do so.

We encourage people to submit complaints through the online complaint form and for those who are unable to do that, the agency can contact you directly.”

Exrobis software is being offered for free.

ExRobins is the third chipmaker to file for the chip safety program.

Exrodys chipsets have been used in other companies’ products, including the Dell PowerEdge line of tablets and televisions and Sony’s TVs.

The consumer products industry is a key driver of the economy, with a growing number of companies making chipsets for TVs, PCs and other devices.

Companies are trying to reduce their reliance on chip manufacturing for many products, and many companies are selling chips made by chipmakers that are safer than those made by other companies.

Exrobe has been involved in the technology market for more than 30 years, starting with a chip that it sold to IBM in 1988.

It became a semiconductor manufacturer in 1998 and has been profitable ever since.

Exrothas products are sold in more of the United Kingdom than anywhere else in the world.

Exrwes chips are used for consumer products such as TVs and digital display monitors.

The Consumer Product Product Safety Act requires companies making electronics to install and maintain “good manufacturing practices,” which means they must keep their products in good working order, are free of defects, and that the products are safe to use and operate.

Companies must also notify the government and the public when they make safety changes.

The law has expanded to cover many other consumer products, from TVs and televis to smartphones and home automation systems.

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