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Google’s Android mobile app gets a major overhaul

Google’s new Android mobile application, which debuted in June, has received a major redesign, and it’s going to change the way people interact with the mobile platform.

The redesigned app, called Google+, now has a more interactive interface that shows off features like “tasks,” a visual representation of all the apps you have open, and an icon that lets you share your most-used apps.

It also now has more features that were previously only available on Android devices.

The Google+ app, which was launched in June as an alternative to Facebook’s Facebook Messenger app, was originally developed to help users better connect with other users.

It was supposed to allow users to share their most popular apps in a single app, but that feature has been removed in the redesign.

Google+ users can now create, view, and share “trending and curated content,” according to a blog post from the company that describes the new app.

The new design brings a “big, bold look” to the app, and features a “more modern, modern look,” Google+ wrote.

The redesign comes in the wake of a backlash against the app after the Google+ team made it clear that the company would continue to monetize Google+ and that users would continue receiving advertisements.

“We know that many of you are frustrated with Google+ ads,” Google said in a statement.

“We’re taking action to make it clear to all users that we’re not going to be monetizing Google+ in the future, and that we will continue to provide a safe, reliable platform for all people to share and share with each other.”

Google+ was the only Google-owned app to launch before the Google acquisition, and Google+ was already widely used on Google devices before the acquisition.

But the redesign comes after Google launched a redesigned version of the Google+.

app, dubbed G+, which was released earlier this year.

It has also made the Google search bar more prominent, which users may not have appreciated.

Google announced the new redesign in a blog entry that included the words “the most modern look for Google+,” and it included the following description:The redesign is “designed to help make Google+ even better,” according the blog post.

The redesign “is also more visually engaging than the previous version,” which is a “bold and bold look that helps people find what they’re looking for,” the post said.

The revamped app is a significant upgrade to the current Google+ interface, which is not particularly engaging.

“People love the Google Plus app, so we wanted to give them a brand new look,” said Chris Anderson, head of product at Google+, in a video about the redesign, published on Google+.

“We know people are frustrated about ads on Google+, so we made sure Google+ is completely safe and secure, and we’re bringing back ads.”

The redesign also brings more functionality to the new Google+ account, such as adding and removing a “tune-in” to other users, or a “like” or “follow” button, among other things.

The updated Google+ experience is still available on Google+ for people who use the Google+, messenger app, a Google+ page that includes a Google Plus profile photo.

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