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What you need to know about Apple's next iPhone, the iPad and why you might not want to buy it > Guneslertarims

What you need to know about Apple’s next iPhone, the iPad and why you might not want to buy it

Apple has a very simple plan for what it’s planning for its next iPhone: It will have an all-glass design.

The company has previously said it wants to make the iPhone a glass-and-metal product, but AppleInsider’s sources say the company is still working out the details.

AppleInsiders source says the glass will be the first thing that makes the iPhone more affordable for everyone else.

Apple will also be selling a thinner, lighter version of the iPhone, called the iPhone 5C.

It will also have a new camera and a new processor.

Apple has already sold one of those phones to the Chinese company Huawei, which sells some of Apple’s other products. 

The new iPhone will have a 5-inch screen with a resolution of 1440×2560 pixels.

It’s going to have a 1080p display with a pixel density of 326 ppi.

It has a fingerprint scanner, a front-facing camera and wireless charging.

The phone will also come with a 5.5-inch display, and will be powered by the A8 chip.

The 5- and 5.6-inch models will have different screen sizes, with the 5.1-inch model being the standard size. 

AppleInsiders sources say Apple will launch a smaller iPhone in 2019, which will likely come with an all glass display and the ability to make larger iPhones out of plastic.

The phone will have the same display size as the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, but it will also sport a larger bezel, with an additional 8.7 millimeters.

We already know that Apple will ditch the headphone jack, and that it’s going back to a headphone jack with an earpiece jack.

But AppleInsists sources say this new phone will still have an onboard microphone.

That mic is going to come in two versions, a Bluetooth version that can connect to Apple devices, and a wireless version that connects to iPhones via Bluetooth.

The wireless version of AppleInsisters source says Apple is also planning to launch a version of its earphones that use infrared to let you hear the phone’s sounds.

In other news, the new iPhone 6 will come with its own version of Siri, as well as a new Siri voice assistant.

Apple is still tweaking the Siri voice interface for the new phone, and we expect the company to do a better job than it did with the original iPhone 6S, which was released in June.

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