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Chinese companies are spending millions of dollars on a new artificial intelligence platform, says tech expert > Guneslertarims

Chinese companies are spending millions of dollars on a new artificial intelligence platform, says tech expert

Chinese technology companies are reportedly spending millions on a startup that’s aimed at creating AI-based platforms for the internet of things.

The company, called Xplore, is in talks with investors, according to a report in The Wall Street Journal.

Google is reportedly helping fund Xplores development, and that would make it the world’s second-largest tech investor.

Xplorer, a $3.5 million startup, will focus on AI-powered applications in the future, according a statement from Xploring cofounder Yuxiang Wang.

The startup is focused on building artificial intelligence applications, he added.

Wang is also the CEO of Xplor and cofounder of DeepMind, which recently won the AI crown for artificial intelligence.

A DeepMind spokesperson declined to comment.

XPlorer’s AI platform will focus not only on building the algorithms, but also the neural networks that make them up.

“The technology we’re developing will enable a number of exciting new applications,” Wang told the Journal.

“We’re building an AI platform that will be used to build intelligent machine learning systems for the entire internet of tomorrow.”

The technology that makes up artificial intelligence relies on deep neural networks, or neural networks for short, as well as artificial neural networks and data scientists.

Xporer aims to build a platform that can be used in multiple applications and can be scaled to billions of devices, according the WSJ.

Wang says the company’s AI technology is also meant to enable the creation of AI-enabled applications.

Xtreme AI, which is also based in the United Kingdom, has built AI-backed cloud computing platforms and was acquired by Facebook in 2014.

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