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How to get the best of Google Glass and the DJI Inspire drone

Google’s drones have been one of the company’s biggest successes in recent years.

They are also getting more and more popular with hobbyists who use them for sports and for capturing aerial footage.

But with a growing number of people who are using the drone technology in the real world, Google and DJI are also facing a growing need for a better way to deliver the technology to the people who want to use it.

For instance, in January, Google announced that the drone camera would be added to its Hangouts chat app for iPhone and Android users.

However, the announcement was made before the release of the drone app itself.

The announcement came a week after Google’s drone maker, DJI, released a video that showed its Phantom 4 quadcopter hovering over the New York City skyline and performing an aerial capture.DJI’s drone video was uploaded to YouTube, and the video has been viewed over 10 million times.

However, the drone video also features a glitch that makes it difficult to get a clear image of the aerial drone.

As a result, a number of viewers have complained about the camera’s camera being blurry, even on their phone cameras.

The problem in this particular video is that the camera on the drone has a lens that’s too small, according to a DJI representative.

In order to get it clear enough, users have to zoom in on the image of their smartphone camera.

To fix the issue, users can turn on a camera zoom feature in the DJXLive app, which enables users to view the drone image with their phone camera.

After a few days, the glitch has been fixed, but users are still experiencing the problem.DJIs official response to the issue is that “the camera zoom function in the iOS app works on both Android and iOS, and users can still use their phone as a lens for the camera.”

Google is also investigating whether the fix to the camera zoom issue can be applied to all DJI drones, and has reached out to the company to find out if it’s possible to work with DJI on this issue.DJIS representatives have said that the company will “take a look at” the issue and will provide users with a fix within the next few days.DJIX has been working with DJi to address this issue since early December, and said that they are “in discussions with DJIs engineering team” to address the issue.

On December 1, DJIX posted a video on YouTube showing the new camera lens that users can use.

The drone camera’s lens is only slightly larger than the standard DJI camera lens, and this new lens gives users the ability to capture a sharper image of what the drone is doing in real time.

However as the video shows, the lens still needs to be adjusted to get clear images of the camera.

The video also shows that the DJIX drone camera does not have the ability for a clear lens.DJi also said that it would be “rebuilding the DJAX lens with a new design, and will work closely with DJIX to make this change to DJAX available for all DJAX drones.”

It’s unclear how many DJI and DJIX drones users have reported issues with the drone lens in the past, but the drone company has acknowledged that this is a “real problem” for the company.

While the issue with the lens has been resolved, DJIs statement about how it will be fixed in the next two weeks is still unclear.DJAX, which DJI acquired in March, is one of DJI’s smaller drone manufacturers.

DJI is also a major supplier of the DJA-X and DJA4 drone models, as well as the DJ4, DJ4 Pro, and DJ4X drone models.

In addition to the drone lenses, DJAX also has an Android app that enables users on a smartphone to take aerial shots with the DJAI Phantom 4.

This app can also capture and stream live video to the DJAs cloud service, DJA Live.

However in December, DJAI announced that DJAX was no longer supporting the Android app and that users would need to update their app to use the drone features.

In an official statement on December 1 to TechCrunch, DJIAS spokesperson James O’Connor said that “DJI will work with you to get this fixed as quickly as possible.”DJI has not yet announced a timeframe for when the issue will be resolved.

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