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How to use the QR code to buy a MacBook Pro

Tons of tech products now require the use of QR codes to buy them.

Now it seems that Apple will be adding one of the most popular ways to buy iPhones to its app store.

The company has announced that a QR code will be added to the Apple App Store in the next few days.

Apple is the first major tech company to offer a way to purchase Apple products on its appstore, but there have been a number of challenges in making the app as intuitive as possible for the iPhone user.

QR codes have long been a popular method of purchasing electronics, and many apps offer QR codes for buying iPhones and iPads.

However, there have also been a few major issues with QR codes in the past, such as the fact that they are hard to scan.

The problem with QR code scanning, in turn, is that it takes time to scan and they’re not very easy to read.

Apple says that it will allow users to scan QR codes with their iPhone when purchasing Apple products in the coming weeks.

The feature will be available in the Apple Store in four countries, the US, UK, Germany and France.

Apple says that users can now scan QR code with a new app, ApplePay, that will come to market in the near future.

ApplePay lets users transfer funds from their Apple Pay credit card to other Apple products.

The app, which will be a part of the iOS 9.4 update, will also allow users in the US to scan a QR Code on their Apple Watch, a move that will be useful if you have an Apple Watch Sport or the new Apple Watch Series 3.

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