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Water-damaged 'tourist hotspot' could be 'a gold mine' > Guneslertarims

Water-damaged ‘tourist hotspot’ could be ‘a gold mine’

Riverbed Technology News article Rivers on the Great River are the mainstay of Ireland’s economy and the source of a lot of tourism.

Water from the river and its tributaries is used for drinking and washing, as well as for irrigation.

But the riverbed has been polluted with sewage, and in recent years there have been several serious incidents involving rivers, including a dam failure, an industrial accident, and an explosion that killed two people.

Now the National Resources Management Agency (NRMA) has proposed to strip the riverbank of all the trees and plants that are planted on the river’s banks, and instead plant a series of ponds.

It is estimated that the project would cost €1 billion.

The proposals are due to be published in the Dáil on Wednesday.

Speaking at a press conference at the Dail on Wednesday, Environment Minister Michael Creed said that the dam was an important piece of infrastructure.

He said that while the river had been damaged by the construction of a dam, it could also be used for tourism.

“I think it’s going to be very important, particularly with the tourist boom that’s going on now, that we can have a little bit of a buffer zone around the river that can be used in a very creative way to create some green space in some of the places that the tourists are coming to, which are really picturesque,” he said.

Mr Creed said the National Environment Protection Agency (NEPA) had looked at the proposals and found that it was a good idea.

The project was put forward in 2012, and the National Heritage and Natural Heritage Board (NHNB) approved it in March.

But it has come under intense criticism since it was first proposed.

The National Resources Conservation Authority (NRCA) said that there were several problems with the proposal, including the removal of trees, the loss of habitat, the removal and destruction of plant and animal life, and that the river was also not designed to withstand a dam.

“These are things that would really put the whole scheme in doubt,” said Dr Mihai Czerniak, NRCA executive director.

“This is a proposal that has had a lot more discussion, a lot less debate than was necessary,” he added.

Mr Czarniak said that it would be wrong to think that the proposal would solve all the problems, because it would not.

“We need to understand what are the environmental impacts of the proposals.

That’s the way we’re going to get the information, the data.

And that’s how we’re gonna understand the impacts of any proposals.”

It’s the responsibility of the Government to inform the public of the environmental impact of these proposals and to give them the information to make an informed decision about whether they want to go ahead with the scheme,” he explained.”

There’s no question that this scheme will cause some problems, but it’s not the end of the world, it’s a great idea that could provide some great opportunities for the river, and to have a buffer.

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