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Why Trump is using a 'fake' email server to avoid responsibility for Russia hack > Guneslertarims

Why Trump is using a ‘fake’ email server to avoid responsibility for Russia hack

The president is using an email server that he has used to send and receive emails, according to an Associated Press investigation that found his use of the private server was used to hide a potential cybersecurity breach by Russia.

A congressional aide briefed on the matter said that while Trump has not been asked to testify before Congress about his use to circumvent congressional oversight, he could potentially be compelled to answer questions under oath about the matter.

Trump has consistently maintained that he is under no obligation to testify, though his attorneys have suggested he would rather go to jail.

In addition to using a private email account, the president has also used a personal AOL account and multiple personal Gmail accounts to conduct official business.

He has maintained that his use is legal, though some cybersecurity experts have questioned his assertion.

Trump’s aides have denied any wrongdoing.

The AP investigation found the president is a frequent user of email accounts that are accessible to him.

The administration has maintained the president uses a private account to conduct business.

It was not immediately clear why Trump would have used a private server in the first place.

Aides to the president did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

While Trump is not required to provide copies of all his emails to the Congress, he is required to comply with the Hatch Act, a 1917 law that bars former presidents from using their official government email accounts for private purposes.

That law requires presidential officials to retain a copy of all emails and attachments for a period of two years.

The president has been under scrutiny for several months now, with multiple congressional committees investigating Russia’s attempts to influence the 2016 presidential election.

Trump is under investigation by Congress over allegations that he improperly used a tax credit to help pay for the purchase of his controversial Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

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