When is Windows 10’s new app store a good fit for China?

The new app stores will also be accessible in Chinese and English.

The two languages will also feature a unified user interface for all apps.

The first release of Windows 10 for Chinese users, scheduled for October, will support the same version of Windows as its Chinese counterparts.

The two app stores also come with a lot of new features, such as a new Windows app store and new APIs for building apps.

They will allow developers to build on existing Windows APIs and add new ones, according to Microsoft.

In addition to adding the apps, the new apps stores will let you get Windows 10 on any device that runs Windows 10 and can run Windows 10 Home, which is the latest version of the operating system.

The new versions of Windows will be free for users on existing devices.

Microsoft is pushing the new app storefronts to users who are running Windows 10 Enterprise, a Windows 10 Professional, and the Creators Update, a preview of Windows for tablets, PCs, and phones.

The app stores are the latest step in Microsoft’s push to get users on the same platform as Windows 10 developers.