Why do we need drones?

With a global population of more than one billion people, the potential for conflict with unmanned aircraft is real.And, like any technological advancement, there is always a risk of misdirection.But drones have proven their worth over the years.They have helped save lives and prevent countless casualties from disasters like the 2008 Mumbai attacks and in […]

How to get a better job in Wialan: The technology transfer story

Wiala is the world’s largest telecommunications company, and it has been trying to convince customers that it is worth investing in technology to make it easier for them to communicate with each other and its employees.It has also been trying hard to make itself into a technology transfer business.Its recent acquisition of a number of […]

ESPN’s ‘Top 25 Sports’

ESPN’s “Top 25” series features the top 25 sports in the United States and Canada.This year’s “ESPN.com” series will be released at the same time, with the full list of the 25 most-watched sports programs, on the ESPN app and on ESPN.com.It will be available to watch on the iPad, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Apple […]

How to fix your bank account before it’s a problem

By Michael Deane | ESPN.com | Updated Mar 15, 2018 9:01pm PDT The banks that make up the world’s largest banks are starting to take notice.It is time to do more than just pay for your bills.They need to make sure you don’t fall behind on your mortgage.They also need to fix their systems.The financial […]

‘Oil price volatility is a threat’: CEO of Bally Systems says ‘oil price volatility and a potential oil price collapse’

Bally’s chief executive, John Higgins, has made the case for the need for the Government to “put oil prices back up again” following a rise in the cost of oil, after oil prices fell sharply over the weekend.“The oil price has been going down over the last year. ““So, I think we’ve got to be […]

Which of the four sailpoint technology announcements makes the most sense?

Posted February 08, 2019 03:25:20The latest in the sailpoint revolution, powered by the latest in sailpoint technologies, has finally arrived: a boat that can surf on the surface of a lake.A crew of six sailboat engineers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have completed the world’s first sailpoint boat that is capable of navigating […]

Why Ricebran is building a cloud farm

In a world where the most powerful computing hardware is already deployed in homes, the biggest data centers are being built on farms.In the same way that Apple created its iCloud service and Amazon is building its own cloud, Ricebrad Technologies has built a new cloud-based platform called Ricebrans Cloud.It is called RiceBrans Cloud and […]

How to turn your phone into a wireless internet hotspot by 2019

Here are 10 easy tips for turning your phone’s Wi-Fi into a hotspot.You might also like to check out our Wi-fi troubleshooting tips article What if my phone’s network is down?There are a number of solutions to network problems, but for some people the easiest way to troubleshoot a network problem is by connecting to […]

How to Get the Right Treatment for Your Epidemic: A guide to stemcell therapy

By Andrew Klimchuk, Reuters Health EditorSeptember 18, 2018 – 07:09:49People are dying, and there’s no good reason for that, according to a leading scientist.The Epidiolex, a blockbuster stem cell therapy, has been hailed as a miracle cure for patients with rare but potentially deadly diseases such as sickle cell anemia.But experts warn that the treatment […]

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