When the virus spreads faster than you can treat, researchers find it’s a challenge to prevent disease

GENEVA — Researchers at the University of Geneva have found that the speed at which the virus can spread and the complexity of its genetic makeup are the main reasons why it’s difficult to stop it.In a study published Monday in the journal Science Translational Medicine, they say the virus has evolved over millions of […]

Microsoft to release new Microsoft Windows 10 OS update in December 2018

Microsoft is planning to release an update for its Windows 10 operating system in December, according to a new report.The Windows 10 update will include some new features, such as a new lock screen and better support for the Xbox One X console, according the report by Digital Trends.The company has previously said that it […]

What’s going on with Chicago’s tech scene?

It has become fashionable for many in the tech industry to label this new wave of startups as the “Silicon Valley of Silicon Valley,” in reference to the area’s booming tech scene.But it’s also clear that the region’s tech talent is far from homogenous, and the number of companies that have emerged to support and […]

How Malayalam is transforming into a technology hub by 2019

News Corp Australia reports that Malayalis are getting the idea to move from being the home of the Indian languages to being a technology powerhouse by 2019.According to the Malayali-language media portal, the Malagasy language is expected to reach 1.6% of the population in 2019, up from 0.9% in 2020.In 2019, the first Malayalee language […]

How to turn a lightbulb into a camera

If you want to start taking photos without breaking the bank, you need to start with a light bulb.The world’s first lightbulbs, the original, were made by the German light bulb company Borqs and were the first commercially available light bulbs in 1869.They were the perfect solution for the need to shoot and record a […]

How to stay safe with digital safety: The Globe

In Canada, there are no laws that require companies to make it mandatory for their employees to wear a face mask when working in public, but there are some laws in place to help protect workers from dangerous conditions.Learn more about the issues around electronic devices and workplace safety, including how to prevent dangerous conditions […]

How to watch live TV in Australia using dxc technology

What you need to know about dxc: dxc is a live TV streaming app that allows you to stream video content from your smartphone or tablet over your network.The app is free to download on iOS, Android, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick and Windows 10.What’s a live streaming video app?Live TV […]

How to build a travel business with the right technology

A tech entrepreneur who made his name with the popular YouTube series ‘Mercy Technology’ has been awarded $10 million in a crowdfunding scheme for his technology company.Key points:John Tait, from Melbourne, started MerciTechnology with his brother and is hoping to raise $10m in a funding driveThe funding round was funded by MerciTech’s founders, the pair […]

IBM’s Watson is ‘not the best choice’ for medical care

IBM is not the best fit for medical imaging and diagnosis in a variety of settings, according to new research by the software giant.The Watson machine-learning tool, which uses artificial intelligence to analyse images of the human body, is far more capable at detecting cancerous tissue and organ systems than other medical imaging software currently […]