‘The world’s biggest game’ begins on Monday with NFL games on ESPN, Fox and ESPN2 | ESPN

The NFL is set to begin a massive event this week: the debut of “The World’s Biggest Game,” the biggest football event on earth, with three games.And for the first time ever, the entire league will be airing a single game from the same broadcast, with the first meeting between the Miami Dolphins and Green […]

Why Trump is using a ‘fake’ email server to avoid responsibility for Russia hack

The president is using an email server that he has used to send and receive emails, according to an Associated Press investigation that found his use of the private server was used to hide a potential cybersecurity breach by Russia.A congressional aide briefed on the matter said that while Trump has not been asked to […]

How to get the most out of your tech jobs

The tech sector has been the focus of a recent wave of job losses in the United States and elsewhere, with many of those laid off after the presidential election.But that isn’t the only job lost in the tech industry.Here’s a list of some of the jobs lost in all sectors since Donald Trump became […]

What are the key differences between the new EDSL?

The new EDF is a commercial-scale development and is set to take the first wave of footballers to the new Emile Foy Stadium.The project will see the construction of a new 50,000-capacity, 20,000 capacity training complex and training ground with the aim of attracting 20,00 new players each year.There are also plans for a new […]

Why you should use a Rice Bran in the Kitchen (and What You Should Know)

Rice bran has long been used as a sweetener for breads and other baked goods.But in recent years, some have begun to make use of the grain in their baking.What you need to know about rice bran: Rice brans have a higher protein content than wheat and have been touted as a healthier alternative to […]

How to use blockchain to control your health and save money

Google has been developing a new kind of health and fitness tracking device that’s powered by blockchain technology, which aims to eliminate the need for third-party health monitoring.The company has launched a new product called the Blockchain Health app for smartphones and tablets, which allows users to view and download health data from a variety […]

How to use Google News on your Android device

Google’s search engine on Android devices is designed to let users browse through stories that are shared by other users.But some users have found that they cannot access news they need to read on the Google News app.┬áThe latest news and events from the world’s leading news sources are listed in the Google app on […]

Binance: It’s the next big thing for investors

In the world of digital currencies, Binance is one of the most visible companies.Its stock rose nearly 2% on Wednesday after the company said it would take over the digital-currency exchange.The company, which launched in 2016 as a trading platform for bitcoins, is known for its bitcoin futures trading platform, which allows traders to buy […]

How to create the perfect photo essay with your photojournalist

With a growing body of research showing how we can use technology to create our own personal stories, it’s no wonder that the art of photojournalism is becoming increasingly popular.Photojournalism has become an increasingly important and lucrative business for journalists, and the opportunities presented by the internet have only increased the demand for photographers.Photo essaying […]