How to delete your Gmail account, if it’s found to have been hacked

You know the feeling: You’re browsing through the Gmail inbox, and a message appears on your screen.It says, “This email is private.”No one has ever seen it before.You click “reply,” and your reply appears to be redirected to your personal account.“This message is private,” it says, and then it disappears.This is the message that’s hidden […]

How technology has transformed the way we eat

The internet has changed our lives, and we are now living in a digital utopia where the vast majority of people have access to all the latest news and information.But what about our food?We’ve always eaten on the go and have had to adapt our eating habits.But how has the internet changed that?In today’s society, […]

Tesla announces new energy-storage solution for homes

The electric vehicle maker said Tuesday that it has unveiled a new product that it hopes will help homeowners save energy by taking advantage of the low-emission power from their home’s batteries.Tesla’s new product, the Electri-Tek, promises to reduce energy costs by up to 30% in a range of residential and commercial applications, from lighting […]

U.S. stocks tumble after Trump trade threat: Xerium stock futures up 1.5%

The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down 1.8% in afternoon trading on Wednesday after the White House said President Donald Trump threatened to “cut off” imports of the fuel-efficient, carbon-neutral, lithium-ion battery technology from U.K. manufacturers.The move came amid growing speculation the Trump administration may move to limit imports of U.B.C. solar panel maker Li-ion […]

What you need to know about the proposed C-20 carbon tax proposal

The federal government has released its carbon tax proposals for the coming budget, with a carbon tax to be imposed in the fall of 2019 and an emissions trading scheme in 2020.┬áThe proposed carbon tax would be a $10-per-tonne levy on greenhouse gas emissions, similar to the levy proposed in the 2016 budget, but would […]

New technology that could boost the economy in the Congo

NEW YORK — New technology that would boost the Congo economy could help alleviate food shortages and increase the production of biofuels that could ultimately be exported to Europe, a researcher said Tuesday.The Congo-based International Finance Corporation and its partners are developing a system of “biomass-powered” microfinance, which they believe could provide a significant boost […]