How to create the perfect photo essay with your photojournalist

With a growing body of research showing how we can use technology to create our own personal stories, it’s no wonder that the art of photojournalism is becoming increasingly popular.Photojournalism has become an increasingly important and lucrative business for journalists, and the opportunities presented by the internet have only increased the demand for photographers.Photo essaying […]

Exro Technologies to offer $30,000 to customers who file complaints about faulty chips

Exro Systems Inc., the makers of chip processors and digital signage software, will offer $50,000 for any person who files a complaint with the Consumer Product Safety Commission.The company is expanding its online and offline enforcement programs, which began last month, to include the agency’s hotline.“If you see your product in question, file a complaint, […]

Indonesian military buys $2.5M in solar panel maker GE to expand solar panel business

Indonesia has acquired GE Energy for $2,749 million to expand its solar panel industry and build solar power plants.Indonesia has signed a memorandum of understanding to acquire GE’s renewable power business, Indonesia’s state-run newspaper The Jakarta Post reported on Thursday.The agreement was announced on Friday.The deal is expected to close in the third quarter of […]