How to use blockchain to control your health and save money

Google has been developing a new kind of health and fitness tracking device that’s powered by blockchain technology, which aims to eliminate the need for third-party health monitoring.The company has launched a new product called the Blockchain Health app for smartphones and tablets, which allows users to view and download health data from a variety […]

When will we be able to use blockchain technology to automate our everyday lives?

The idea of automating your daily life has been around for a long time.It can be used to automate your commute, to send text messages, to manage your bank account and more.But what exactly is blockchain technology and why should we care about it?To answer this question, we spoke to experts in blockchain technology, the […]

How to build a hash chain

How to make a hashchain?By Peter Vickers, Paul Smith, Nick Wigmore, Nick Stiles, James Cook and Adam Dickson.What to do?First, you’ll need a computer.It’s the computer that we use to build our hashchains.This is not a computer you can buy, but rather a computer that you can build yourself.┬áIt is not an expensive machine.It will […]