How Malayalam is transforming into a technology hub by 2019

News Corp Australia reports that Malayalis are getting the idea to move from being the home of the Indian languages to being a technology powerhouse by 2019.According to the Malayali-language media portal, the Malagasy language is expected to reach 1.6% of the population in 2019, up from 0.9% in 2020.In 2019, the first Malayalee language […]

Chinese government uses ‘Hive’ for espionage purposes

HAVEN, R.I. — China’s Ministry of Science and Technology has developed an advanced spy system that can secretly gather sensitive data and analyze it for use in military and political propaganda, according to a report from the Washington Post.The HAVen, or Hive, is an encrypted data-gathering system that allows for data to be transmitted across […]

Why a bitcoin company is betting on financial technology

Hive Technologies is betting big on financial tech, investing in bitcoin startups and raising venture capital.CEO and co-founder John Pomerantz says that Hive has been in the financial technology space for a long time.He sees a lot of similarities between the way technology companies are building their businesses and the way financial services are built.Hive’s […]