How to get your next movie made (and keep your eyes on the prize)

When it comes to Hollywood blockbusters, there’s always a market for making movies that will have a lasting impact on the industry.That market is the movie industry itself, where every single film is a critical and commercial hit.And in 2018, that means the industry is in desperate need of new ways to reach audiences and […]

How to use Namaste to send Bitcoin to your friends

What is Namaste?Namaste is a payment platform that allows users to pay for goods and services with Bitcoin.It is a peer-to-peer platform that lets users buy and sell goods and resources with other people’s Bitcoin.This feature of Namaste allows the use of Bitcoin for payments.There are no bank account fees, transaction fees, or exchange rates […]

‘The best in the world’ for money laundering, drug smuggling and other financial crimes: report

In the wake of the HSBC scandal, the UK government announced new measures to combat money laundering and cyber crime.It said it was taking a series of actions, including the creation of a National Cyber Crime Centre, to fight money laundering.The UK’s central bank also announced the creation in March of a new regulator called […]