How to Protect Your Personal Data in an Anonymous Hackathon

HackerCon is a hackathon held every three months by a group of tech entrepreneurs, designers, and researchers in San Francisco.In 2017, the event brought together a host of tech companies to pitch their latest products and take on a variety of challenges, including privacy, hacking, and data breaches.Here are the top five things you should […]

When the world wants a solution for oil supply, Sarine Technologies is the answer

The future of the world’s biggest oil and gas producer is in question as new technologies and geopolitics challenge the oil industry’s strategy.Sarine is in the midst of a complex restructuring as it shifts from a production-based business model to one focused on energy storage.The company is also facing competition from renewable energy projects and […]

Why the NHS is still a technology wasteland

Technology can be used for good or evil, but the NHS should be treated as a technology hub, according to a new report.The report, which has been published in the Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, argues that the NHS has not fully grasped the value of its technology.The report says the NHS needs to […]